Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Raining Confetti is Back

Well as you saw, I'm starting a new blog.  I tried to open my old blog www.rainingconfetti.blogspot.com but was not able to get into it.  I emailed for directions which they promptly sent only to still find out that the old blog is not accessible. So here I am starting More Raining Confetti. Yay!!

As most of you know, In late May, my husband (N) and I were blessed with a bouncing baby boy whom we named JDQ (yes, initials only due to safety).  We went in early Friday morning for me to be induced since he was estimated to be albs 7oz. I know that this number is sometimes wrong but this time the doctors were accurate.  The nurses set me up for the IV (YUCK!!) and later the epidural.  We waited hours for JDQ to come. My Doctor came in around 11 am and said everything was going well and that she would be back after helping with a C-section in the next room.  Around 2 pm, she came in and nothing had changed.  They repositioned me hoping this would help. Six pm, still nothing.  She waited two more hours with very little change and informed me that I would have to have a C-section that an infection was starting since she broke my water around 11 am.  Now I was well aware of the possibility of a C-section all the doctors told me but at the same time they all believed I would be OK to have a vaginal birth. When my Doctor finally told me that I would have to under a C-section I started crying.  I'm not sure it was because the hormones, or all the lack of food since the night before, or the feeling that the next few days were really going to be hard. Or just me feeling that if I didn't eat so much he would have been able to make it the other way.  I told the doctor that I didn't want to see anything except the baby after it was all done.  When they shot me up with a full body epidural I had never been so freaked out. My whole body started shaking and all I could think about was the Dr. is cutting me and what if my shaking body creates a huge jagged mark.  I tried to control what was going on but couldn't.  After what seemed like only seconds, they I heard JDQ's cries. I couldn't believe it. There was this person who only seconds before was inside me. This person who I carried for 9 months and did my best to do right by him. The rest of the night was a blur because of the drugs.  But nothing compared to how the next few weeks were going to be.
The nurses promptly had me start breastfeeding. Uhmmm, something that is suppose to be so natural turned out not to be us.  After weeks of using a nipple guard, hours on end of cluster feedings, screaming fits from JDQ because the nipple guard wouldn't stay on, and seeing a lactation consultant (who was the nicest person in the world compared to the Nazi lady in the hospital who had no problem feeling me up and squeezing my body.) Plus my pediatrician who was also supportive, I decided to start pumping and feeding him that way.  When JDQ was born, he was exactly 9 lbs 7 oz.; when we left he had lost almost 2 lbs.  Slowly with the pumping JDQ gained weight plus with supplements of formula which is another story. He has come out strong and healthy weighing in now at about 18 lbs!! And being only 5 months old.
We've been blessed to have him and not a day goes by where I look at him and still can't believe he is here. I had waited so long not only to find the man of my dreams but to have a baby. I hope you decide to continue reading my new posts to find out how parenting is going.  I'm still going to continue with fashion stories, Tuesday tunes (look for some later today) and recipes. More Raining Confetti will continue :)

Thanks all

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