Sunday, March 2, 2014

Red Carpet Winners- "Who Are You Wearing?"

Everyone is always talking about how the new actresses are dressing in Old Hollywood glamour when hitting the Red Carpet.  I had posted about the past dresses which you can see here.  When I started Googling the actresses in their actual dress, I was quite surprised at how simple some of the styles were. Yes, a lot of photos are in black and white so maybe the bling of the dress is not able to come through like it does today. In my opinion, actresses of early movies had such an understated style compared to some of the avant garde dresses worn at the Oscar's today.

What's funny to me is that how these actresses dressed at the Oscar's is completely different than when they dressed for a costume designer's photo or even a movie. Granted it was the work of the designer that is being shown but one would think that this would be what the actresses would wear on the Red Carpet. Seriously, Google "Old Hollywood" style and take a look at the photos- not one is from an actual Oscar's night.  Now take a look at the poster of the dresses- the first thing that I noticed was how many wore an "unknown" label. That's pretty much unheard of now; the first question that Giuliana Rancic asks an actress is "Who are you wearing?" Here are the same actresses in designer clothes.

Here are some other actresses showing off designer clothes:

Again, not one photo from an actual Oscar's night.  It wasn't until Audrey Hepburn came along wearing Givenchy that people took an interest in "Who are you wearing?"

So when we talk about Old Hollywood style which style are we talking about? Who are you wearing? Or Who You Are?

.....Ok, Ok I couldn't leave without taking a look at tonight's actresses, here are some of my favorites. I have to admit some I didn't see until I started looking up photos for this blog but sometimes that's when you can find the best photos. 

Ok, one last thing... Can I ask WHAT happened to Goldie Hawn??!! I have seen this face before on another actress but can't place it. Anyone have a guess? Sorry Goldie, you looked great before... 

That's it from Hollywood  Laguna Niguel... Have a great night!!

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