Tuesday, February 25, 2014

And the Winner is....

With the Oscars just around the corner, I'd like to take a look at some past winners:

1936- The Way You Look Tonight from Swing Time (the best part is that Ginger Rogers is washing her hair)

1939- Over the Rainbow from Wizard of Oz (would it have been a list without this song?)

1940- When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio (I just sang this song to JDQ)

1951- In the Cool, Cool of the Evening from Here Comes the Bride (such a cute song- never saw the movie)

1961- Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's (such a great movie!)

I did have to Google a list of these songs since I'm not good at remembering which ones won and didn't but I was amazed to see how many nominee songs I knew compared to the winning song until 1980's. I knew every song from that era. Also I was quite surprised to see how many Disney songs won over the years. If you'd like to see the full list click here...  Now for a list of this year's nominees
Happy from Despicable Me 2
Let It Go from Frozen
The Moon Song from Her
Ordinary Love from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Which of the 2014 nominees is your winning choice?
See you on the red carpet!

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