Monday, January 27, 2014

Move Over Hunter, Joules is in Town

Most people know that I love boots- all kinds of boots. I especially love Wellies. True British Wellies. I own two pairs of Hunter wellies; a traditional pair (but in brown)

and a totally chic, fun platform with red laces. 

Over the holidays, like most people, I received a bunch of junk magazines selling their wares. One of these magazines was called Joules. A British clothing store, and of course I wasn't about to just recycle it, I just had to check it out. Alas, the clothing was a little pricey but I fell in love with...

But in black with a yellow bow..
I wore them the other day when we took JDQ to the beach and boy were they comfortable!  I also felt safe walking in them. Every now and then, in the Hunter boots I felt like I would slip when it was raining but in the Joules, I felt they gripped the ground like a hiking boot. Ok, I haven't exactly worn them in the rain but walking in a sandy parking lot at the beach can be just as dangerous. Here are some of their other styles

So if you are looking for a new rain boot (even in California) then try the Joules. They are worth every penny!


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