Monday, February 24, 2014

Bathing Season!!! YIKES!

Living in Southern California, one's thoughts are never too far from beach time and though, it's still too cold for me to go, this is exactly what I've been thinking about. (Ok, one of a thousand things that I think about) The reason it's been on my mind is not about laying lazily in the sun but about JDQ wanting to go into the ocean/pool.  Yes, gone are my days of falling asleep to the lapping of the waves and hello to my days of getting water thrown in my face. I've already been looking into swim lessons and I'm not sure if I want to just hire someone or go to a public spot. Either way though, I will have to get into a bathing suit. UGH!! I have not been very diligent about getting back into shape. More of less, it's trying to find the time. Though I have set up a lovely little spot in the garage (remember the newly organized garage that I still need to take pictures of to show everyone), right now the two pieces of equipment are gathering dust. I have used one of them once.... just once. Don't want to get too crazy. Anyway, I've come across some pretty sure bathing suits that I wanted to share.

via Anthropologie

via figleaves

by Plumo

But I think I may be leaning more in this direction.....  lol! 

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