Friday, February 14, 2014

I was sucked in.... Happy Valentine's Day!

Ok, I was sucked into all the love that is floating around today. First, Nigel said he was going to work from home today :)  Then, I was greeted by some beautiful Hugs and Kisses Tulips, a lovely box of Chocolates and a cute little teddy bear.  So my heart was filled with love and I decided to make some heart shaped cinnamon-cardamom pancakes for all of us. We hope everyone else has a lovely day <3


And JDQ and I had a little photo session which was quite hilarious. Unlike the holiday photos where he sat still, this time I couldn't keep him still if my life depended upon it; but it was fun. 

Apple of my Eye!
(more will come later, I want to surprise everyone)

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