Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blueberry- pumpkin smoothie

Lately, I've been on a pumpkin kick.  I made pumpkin lasagne for my family the other night as well as pumpkin snicker doodles. Recipes will follow but really want to share this one with you.  Today, I was in the mood for some fruit.  Which was hard since my poor fridge is bare.... but not the freezer!  I pulled out some frozen fruit, always good to have on hand- peaches, blackberries, a banana that was perfect for banana bread and blueberries. Next I added a large tablespoon of pumpkin ice cream (from Trader Joe's).  Last, I also added some water and apple juice.

Most of the time when I make a smoothie I just add the ingredients without measurements but if you would like a recipe, I would say:
1/2 C peaches
1/4+ C blueberries
7 blackberries
1 T of ice cream
enough liquid (water and apple) to make the blender work

Do you have a favorite smoothie you would like to share?

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