Friday, November 1, 2013

Family Halloween

Some of you may remember in, Fridays were known as Fashion Friday. While I'll keep with that tradition I'm thinking of adding Family Fridays.  Fridays will deal with anything regarding family, parenting or traditions or teaching.  I have to admit that I was inspired by a friend's Facebook post. When reading what he does with his family, his love for them always shines through and that is what I hope to bring in these posts.

I was going to call this just "Halloween around the Home" but instead I'm going to call it "Family Halloween."  These are traditions that I hope to continue as JDQ grows up.  It was important to decorate the house to share Halloween with JDQ.  I had set up the Halloween village though I have to admit that I'm wanting to put it low so he can play with it later on in his life. I also set out my collection of Nicole Sayer figures. He loves the Halloween fairy? with the glitter stars.  Also the outside was decorated with pumpkins which is what he first fell in love with.  While at the Cape, I came across a book called "This is Not a Pumpkin." He loves when I read it to him. Next I bought a tiny pumpkin, not the decorative one but these little mini pumpkins.  I set it on his activity chair or the blanket for him to explore. We also took JDQ to Orange for their Treats in the Street as well as going to the Pumpkin Patch, twice. :)  Yesterday, on top of making cookies and cupcakes (which hopefully he'll enjoy helping with later on), I carved a pumpkin in front of him. I wish I was able to take a picture of his look of amazement when I cut open the pumpkin to show him the inside. He immediately looked down at his pumpkin; thinking that his was same? And of course, he had his Halloween costume from Mia and Ta, a teddy bear.  Sooo Cute!  For his dinner, he had Halloween colored food: sweet potatoes, blueberry/peach puree (which was purple), a little of Ella's The Purple One and butternut squash with apples. Yumm!!

This is family time and I'm looking forward to many more years and to see what new traditions we can come up with.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Let the holidays begin

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