Friday, November 8, 2013

Opening Soon! Let's take a peek....

Well this week has just flown by! And I know I promised to dedicate Fridays to fashion or family but.....  
I've been so busy helping my Mum organize her garage which is taking a while since I can only do it while JDQ is sleeping. Today, poor guy only slept 30 minutes. Luckily he is asleep now.  Anyways, besides working on a garage I've been working on some projects. I've jumped on the chalkboard-drawing-bandwagon and am making signs and, soon, some floor cloths. Also I'm creating pictures using children's poems/chants or rhymes. I started with JDQ's favorite song, "I've been working on the Railroad." This one was quite simple and now I feel the projects are becoming more intricate. My goal is not only to make a beautiful piece of art for a child's room but something that they could possibly touch. Plus each artwork comes with the words so you can sing it to your child. Look for these plus board books, and holiday signs.  Stay tuned for my store on Etsy.  Here's a sneak peek at some artwork..

Chalkboard markers and paper

Notice how some images are 3-D

Lots to feel on this one

Maybe past the date but never to late for next year

Photos are available in prints or canvas.


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